Russian «New Theology» in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century: On the Question of the Genesis and Content of the Concept

In this article I consider the genesis and the substantial characteristics of the concept of «New Theology», which has become a commonplace in the Russian theological tradition since the end of the 19th century. Initially this term was applied to lay theologians — particularly, to Khomiakov — but afterward was applied to academic scholars as well, such as metropolitan Antony Khrapovitsky, V.I. Nesmelov, et al.

Magic in the Post-Soviet Space: Definitions, Sources, Verbal Markers

This article examines definitions of magic in the context of the humanities and shows how many working definitions are inaccurate. It proposes that we view magic as an umbrella term, the use of which depends on cultural context, and that the best way to approach the study of magic in the present is to determine its borders anew with regard to each particular culture, carefully examining whether a particular phenomenon belongs to the occult in that specific context.

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